Competitive School Sport

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Organised Competitions at Local and Borough Level

(Primary and Secondary School Games)


Sport Impact will organise and deliver level 2 of the School Games programme (inter school competition). All member schools are able to take part in the following competitions: 


  • Year 3/4 Mini Tennis

  • Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Gymnastics

  • Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

  • Year 5/6 Boys Football

  • Year 5/6 Girls Football

  • Year 5/6 High 5 Netball

  • Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics

  • Year 5/6 Quicksticks Hockey

  • Year 5/6 Quadkids Athletics

  • Year 5/6 Basketball 

  • Year 6 Boys and Year 6 Girls Kwik Cricket

Hounslow member schools can enter primary competitions by clicking here.


  • Year 7/8 Boys Sportshall Athletics

  • Year 7/8 Girls Sportshall Athletics

  • U14 Girls Basketball

  • KS3 Boys Badminton

  • KS3 Girls Badminton

  • U15 Boys Volleyball

  • U15 Girls Volleyball

  • U16 Girls Basketball

  • KS4 Boys Badminton

  • KS4 Girls Badminton

Hounslow member schools can enter secondary competitions by clicking here.

All of these competitions will be organised and delivered in line with the London School Games allowing for successful schools to represent Hounslow at the London School Games Finals. 

A competition calendar will be produced and supplied to schools before the end of the summer term.