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Play and Engage

Fun, themed physical activity for parent and child


What is Play and Engage 

Play and Engage is a once a week, 45 minute session which involves both the child and the parent/carer, in fun, themed physical activity sessions.  The programme runs for 12 weeks.

Target Group 

Nursery or Reception children and their parents/carers who wish to engage in physical activity with their child.  This can be targeted at specific groups.


To develop the fundamental movement skills of the child, including agility, balance and coordination (physical literacy).  To develop the child’s confidence, listening skills and also their ability to follow instructions.  It is also hoped these sessions will develop the pupil, parent and school relationship.

Why is Physical Literacy Important? 

Improving physical literacy also improves a child’s ability to write, get dressed, throw, catch, jump, hop, skip and perform other daily tasks, as well as giving a foundation for lifelong movement and participation in physical activity.  (Margaret Whitehead, educator and leading researcher).


The sessions develop the child and parent/carer relationship, encouraging the parent/carer to interact with their child through structured play, helping them to gain a better understanding of physical literacy and it’s importance within child development and emerging life skills. 


These sessions have been designed to work alongside and complement the EYFS Framework. Physical literacy improvement is measured and recorded in fun and engaging baselining sessions, which take place at the beginning and end of the programme.  These outcomes are shared with the school.




  • Engaging - Warm up
  • Applying - Main activities
  • Quiet Time - Warm down
  • Reflection - Register and parent conversation opportunity
  • Typical equipment - Assorted balls, parachute, beanbags, hoops, quoits, spots, cones


What role will the school have? 

To inform and recruit parents/children and to reserve the indoor hall space.  Sport Impact will assist schools by providing a template poster, information booklets for parents and can help in promoting the sessions at school drop off and collection.